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Open Letter Related President Gaza Crisis

Open Letter Related President Gaza Crisis

National | 01-08-2014 08:08 wib | Read : 1 Times

My name is Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. I am a Muslim who loves justice, and who also loves peace, humanity and democracy. Almost ten years I led Indonesia, and the coming months I will end my term as President of the Republic of Indonesia.Yesterday, after a morning with ldul Indonesian people celebrate Eid with peace and quiet, a great religious day for Muslims, the whole night I could not shut my e... Read More »

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Al-Aqsha Live TV Streaming, Ghaza - Palestina

Streaming | 10-07-2014 17:13 wib

ارتفع عدد شهداء العدوان الصهيوني على قطاع غزة إلى 72 شهيدا وأكثر من خمسمائة جريح، في وقت ما زالت فيه طائرات الاحتلال تشن سلسلة غارات على مناطق عدة في القطاع لليوم الثالث على التوالي، كما واصلت استهداف مواطنين عزل. وأعلنت مصادر طبية عن استشهاد 7 مواطنين وإصابة آخرين بقصف الاحتلال لمنزل مكتظ بالسكان لعائلة الحج غرب خانيونس. وأسفرت أحدى الغارات عن استشهاد المواطن رائد شلط (37 عاما) وإصابة زوجته وأبنائه الثلاثة أحدهم بجراح خطيرة بقصف مقاتلات الاحتلال منزله في النصيرات وسط قطاع...

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Also Pertamina will Limiting time in the entire gas station Solar Sales

National | 01-08-2014 18:49 wib

SERAMBINEWS.COM, JAKARTA- In addition to no longer sell subsidized diesel in the area of ​​Central Jakarta starting ...
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So will Nokia MixRadio Own Business

Technology | 01-08-2014 12:04 wib

        Jakarta - Microsoft is optimistic that the new Nokia mobile phone division, the acquisition will not los...
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Bloody clashes in Ambon, 4 People Killed

National | 01-08-2014 10:49 wib

SERAMBINEWS.COM, AMBON - Five Foreign Villagers and village on the coast of Ambon Island Seith, District Leihitu, Centra...
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Sell ​​Alibaba Yahoo Print Profit Rp 27 Trillion

Technology | 31-07-2014 20:04 wib

        Jakarta - Snapchat secretly acquired AddLive known as video streaming service provider for the browser, ...
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When Eid party Oplosan Miras, 4 People Killed

National | 31-07-2014 16:49 wib

SERAMBINEWS.COM, Depok-Four people died after binge drinking adulterated when the day of Eid. The four were killed in di...
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