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Full results of the fifth matchday of the Champions League

Full results of the fifth matchday of the Champions League

Sports | 28-11-2014 02:11 wib | Read : 4 Times

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE - A number of big clubs who championed from group A to D have qualified for the round of 16 after diving into the fifth matchday of the Champions League on Thursday, November 27th, 2014.Brasil then won the Spanish club Atletico Madrid won 4-0 kemangangan over Olympiakos in group A had qualified for senjutnya round with 12 points. While Juventus slightly opened hope to qualify for ... Read More »

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PHP Indonesia

PHP Indonesia (Aceh): Komunitas Para Programmer PHP Asal Aceh

Info | 06-08-2014 17:13 wib

Selamat Bergabung, ini adalah Group tertutup para programmer PHP Aceh, disini tempat berbagi (cerita, pengalaman, diskusi, error hingga proyek)
Kalimat itu lah yang muncul di halaman utama Group PHP Indonesia (Aceh) ini saat saya memutuskan untuk bergabung dengan ini yang satu ini, banyak hal yang saya harapkan dengan adanya group ini, walaupun terdengar seperti mimpi, saya harus bermimpi untuk sama-sama memperbaiki atau lebih tepatnya mengembalikan ngaungan para programmer dunia maya ini, bukan lagi mimpi bahwa saat ini programmer sudah kehilangan taring sehingga malu untuk mengaung lebih lebar, dan itu tidak terjadi di negara maju. memperbaiki citra programmer juga berarti mengambil bagian dalam memperbaiki kwalitas teknologi di negeri kita ini yang terus menerus berkembang di area yang sempit.
mari bergabung, klick disini.

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In addition to Great Fortunately Also Acer Most Responsive

Technology | 28-11-2014 20:04 wib

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Donates Profits to Fight AIDS Apple App Store

Technology | 28-11-2014 12:04 wib

        Jakarta - If you frequently use Facebook on the iPhone, or perhaps another phone, you will find this app...
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WhatsApp Messenger Mutual Kill Facebook

Technology | 28-11-2014 08:04 wib

         Kuala Lumpur - A wife is unbelievable shock when I saw the video nasty on her computer. Because the vi...
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RPP Gas Aceh still under discussion

Laws | 28-11-2014 01:54 wib

JAKARTA - Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Sudirman Said calls Draft Government Regulation (RPP) related to oil ...
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Asked Email Address, headman in Makassar: 'Forget Missed in Bag'

National | 27-11-2014 20:49 wib

SERAMBINEWS.COM, & nbsp; MAKASSAR - & nbsp; Head of Education and Training (Training) & nbsp; South Sulawesi province, I...
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4G degree at 7 City Telkomsel Starting Attack from Jakarta Bali

Technology | 27-11-2014 20:04 wib

        Jakarta - Telkomsel Mobile operators have started to square off 4G LTE service commercialize the end of ...
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