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In Malang 4G LTE Smartfren Drove 17 Mbps

In Malang 4G LTE Smartfren Drove 17 Mbps

Technology | 30-07-2015 12:07 wib | Read : 4 Times

        Malang - The government will auction off the rest of the frequencies in the 2.3 GHz wide as 30 MHz in 2016. As the occupants in the frequency, Smartfren not yet decided whether to participate in the tender to widen the frequency with which they have sekarang.Saat met after testing 4G LTE networks in Malang, Wednesday (07/29/2016), Roberto Saputra as Director will review the Smartfr... Read More »

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Virtual Reality Entertain Passenger Aircraft

Technology | 30-07-2015 20:04 wib | 1 Times

        Jakarta - The presence of virtual reality technology in fact, not just be a fresh breeze for the ICT ind...
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Flashback The Microsoft Innovation Champion

Technology | 30-07-2015 16:04 wib | 2 Times

        Jakarta - Indonesia After briefly crossing the sky in March, blimp Project Loon Google turns towards Sri...
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North Sumatra provincial government has not Accept Determination Letter Suspect Gatot

National | 30-07-2015 14:49 wib | 3 Times

MEDAN - North Sumatra provincial government claimed to have received a determination letter suspects Governor Gatot Pujo...
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His father reportedly Had 10 Wives, Velove Vexia: It Only Gossip

National | 30-07-2015 12:49 wib | 2 Times

SERAMBINEWS.COM, JAKARTA - Artists Velove role Vexia said the issue of her father, Otto Cornelis (OC) Kaligis wife who h...
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Who's Toughest Opponent Indonesia

Technology | 30-07-2015 08:04 wib | 3 Times

        Seattle - In a matter of hours, the participants of Imagine Cup 2015 will show of skill. In the presence...
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Rajai iPhone 4G Network users Telkomsel

Technology | 29-07-2015 20:04 wib | 4 Times

        Jakarta - Telkomsel will no longer occupy the 900 MHz spectrum to roll out 4G. The mobile operators pref...
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