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4G LTE Telkomsel Official Pitch in Manado

4G LTE Telkomsel Official Pitch in Manado

Technology | 09-10-2015 20:10 wib | Read : 5 Times

        Manado - official Telkomsel held a second phase of its 4G LTE network in the city of Manado, North Sulawesi. In order to deliver its LTE 4G service well, Telkomsel has prepared 35 eNode B aka 4G base stations are built at strategic points of the city of Manado, like the airport to the center hiburan.Menurut Director of Telkomsel, Ririek Adriansyah, number of eNode B 35 is claimed c... Read More »

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Planning jokowi Buy Three Special Aircraft Disaster Management

National | 09-10-2015 22:49 wib | 0 Times

SERAMBINEWS.COM, JAKARTA - President Joko Widodo plans to buy a special plane to cope with disasters, but will be includ...
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KPAI: Already 5 Infant Dies from Disaster Smoke

National | 09-10-2015 20:49 wib | 1 Times

SERAMBINEWS.COM - Data Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) states, had five babies who died from smoke haze in...
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Do not Often Clean Yourself with Soap

National | 09-10-2015 18:49 wib | 1 Times

SERAMBINEWS.COM - Most people think that germs are the source of viruses and dangerous. So it is very important to clean...
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New Film Steve Jobs reap criticism

Technology | 09-10-2015 16:04 wib | 1 Times

        Jakarta - There needs to be a witch penjadi to see the Harry Potter books can live. Because the e-book n...
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Four Members of Parliament Origin Aceh Attend Meeting of ALA in Medan

National | 09-10-2015 14:49 wib | 2 Times

Reports Fikar W. Eda | JakartaSerambinews. COM, JAKARTA - Four members of Parliament from Aceh attend meetings formation...
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Google Tangkis accusation in Android Data Theft Auto

Technology | 09-10-2015 12:04 wib | 2 Times

        Jakarta - The new film about the journey of Steve Jobs will soon be aired. Despite reaping a lot of prai...
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