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Banned Drone Fly Around the Park Tokyo

Banned Drone Fly Around the Park Tokyo

Technology | 27-05-2015 08:05 wib | Read : 3 Times

        London - Drone that recently became popular among users of the gadget turned out to be utilized by a number of persons to commit a crime. British police are aware if the drones could potentially be used by thieves to monitor the situation and condition of the home environment target.Menurut Suffolk Constabulary police station, there were at least 16 incidents involving the use of u... Read More »

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Between Momod Leaning and Not Just Fanboy

Technology | 27-05-2015 12:04 wib | 0 Times

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Attorney General, three stages of evaluation execution

Laws | 27-05-2015 01:54 wib | 2 Times

BANDA ACEH - In order to carry out the execution of the third phase for drug cases, the Attorney General of the Republic...
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Involved Drugs, A Policeman Arrested

National | 26-05-2015 22:49 wib | 2 Times

SERAMBINEWS.COM, JAKARTA - Apparatus Subdit II Drug Investigation Directorate Polda Metro Jaya ranking police arrested a...
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Establish Factory Sabu In North Sumatra, Padang Tiji Citizens Arrest

National | 26-05-2015 20:49 wib | 1 Times

Rahmat report Wiguna | North SumatraSERAMBINEWS.COM, MEDAN - Medan Police arrested a resident of Aceh that involved the ...
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Chirp Bearer Award

Technology | 26-05-2015 20:04 wib | 3 Times

        Jakarta - When first born in Batam, May 26, 1995, may initially no one expected telecom operators will b...
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Fake diplomas S2 contrived in Kiosk Slum

National | 26-05-2015 18:49 wib | 3 Times

SERAMBINEWS.COM, JAKARTA - Police arrested two fake diploma maker, the Bad (34) and Kus (52) at a stall in Jalan Raya Sc...
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